Raghuram Rajan and ( Modi’s) Narrative


Raghuram Rajan, ex RBI Governor and a professor at University of Chicago along with Rohit Lamba an assistant professor at Pennsylvania State University has written an article ‘ The Case for Liberal Democracy’ in Times of India. Raghuram Rajan was made RBI governor by UPA government on 4 September, 2013 but he continued with Modi government for two years. Being a liberal, he was always at odds under Modi government.

Raghuram Rajan and ( Modi’s) Narrative

However, he performed his work sincerely and objectively. Apart from economics he also took keen interest In liberal democratic ideas. He was uneasy with the core ideology of BJP.
In this article he has probably for the first time openly expressed himself against entire philosophy of the present government. I am pleasantly surprised by his remarkable writing style where he expresses everything in just one sentence.

I quote-
‘ Today’s dominant narrative, a beguiling but eventually debilitating cocktail of Hindutava–driven nationalism sweetened with populist welfarism and made politically attractive by charismatic leadership, is partly why we face these challenges’.

The challenges he mentions are the capabilities of our people falling below what are needed in an ever more competitive world. It is for anyone to think about the present situation prevailing in India and draw his conclusion. Of course, the narrative which Raghuram Rajan is alluding without naming belongs to Modi which has a strong support base nowadays.